Add Sell Products & Enter Prices

Before you begin entering Sell Products, determine Product Attributes and Units of Measure. Once a Product is used in a Quote, those can not be changed.

Once the Product is Added, Attributes and Price Lists can be assigned in the Product Details page.

After adding a Price List, prices can be entered for all the Product Variants at once, or one by one.

  1. Go to Settings > Quote > Products.
  2. Click the Create Product button.
  3. Add Product Name, Product Line, Unit of Measure and Default Measurements.add a Sell Product to Systemize Enterprise Edition
  4. On the Product Details page, add Product Attributes and a Price List.add product attributes and price lists to a sell product
  5. Once a Price List is added, Prices can be entered for each Product Variant by clicking the Edit Prices button, or by clicking on the underlined "No Price".enter prices for sell products

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