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JobTracker Enterprise Edition only

Example Report: Quoted dollars of Fabrication work yesterday/today

To create a report showing the dollar amount of work for a specific activity scheduled for today:
(e.g. show the dollar amount & status of all fabrication work yesterday and today)

  1. Select Report::New... menu
  2. Set the following, then click OK
    • Report Type: to 'Quote'
    • Report the 'Total Quote Line Amount'
    • where 'Quote Date'
    • occurs this 'Year'
    • Display field: 'Date'
    • Display type: 'Table'

  3. Click Options... button
  4. Update the following, then click OK
    1. Measure: 'Total Quote Line Amount by Last Fabrication Date' & by Time Field: 'Fabrication Date'
    2. Click Select Fields... button and include the desired fields.
      Note: the Quote $ amount will automatically by included in the report.
    3. Click Add Filter... button. Repeat the process until these Filters exist:
      • Quote is associated with a job
      • Activity Date occurs no more than 1 day ago and no more than 1 day from today.
      • Activity Type is Fabrication

  5. (optional) Click Save Report... and name the report. Duplicate for other Activity Types.

Sample of Report:

Example Report: Total Quote dollars by install date

To create a report showing the dollar amount of quotes associated with jobs installed this month:

  1. Select Report::New menu
  2. For Report Type select 'Quote' and then click OK
  3. Click Options... button
  4. For Time Selection select 'Month'
  5. Click the Select... button to the right of Measure and select Total Quote Line Amount
  6. For by Time Field select 'Install Date' and click OK
  7. For Display type select either "Table" or "Bar Chart" (depending on preference)

  8. Click OK on the Report-Options dialog box to display the results

  9. (optional) To save the report, click the Save Report... button and type in a name

To see the total quote amount broken out by job, add Job Name as a display field by:

  1. Click Options... button
  2. Click the Select Fields... button
  3. In the Job section click Job Name, then click OK
  4. Click OK again to view the results

  5. (optional) To save the report, click Save Report.. button and type in a name (to overwrite, use same name)

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