Deleting Old Quotes


How can we delete data that is no longer needed ( i.e. old quotes, etc)?


In general, it's better to create a view to hide old quotes, rather than delete them. 

To keep the quote but not have it display on your  Quotes page, you can create a View.

  1. On the Quotes page, click on the Options button
  2. Click on the Add Filter button and select the desired criteria.
    For example, to only show quotes that are not associated with jobs, select the Quote Field - "Quote has job" and then select the radio button for "No." 

    To only show quotes created in the last 30 days, select the Quote Field "Created Date" and in the  "after" section, enter 30 days ago
  3. After you've made your filter selections, click OK until you are back at the Quotes page. Then you can either click on the Save View button to save your changes, or click on the Options button to add another filter.

To permanently delete a quote, click on the  quote name and select Delete. If you receive a message that the quote can't be deleted because it has an Accepted Date, Invoice Date or Attached File, edit the quote and remove those items.

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