List Of Quotes With Their Total Dollar Amounts


I'm trying to create a view that shows a list of quotes along with the total for each quote, to track my salespeople's progress.


You can use a report to find the quote totals along with the salesperson's name, date, etc.

1) Go to  Report::New

2) Select the values for the following fields 

  • Report Type "Quote"
  • Report the - "Total Quote Line Amount"
  • where - "Quote Date"
  • occurs this "Year"
  • Display Field - "Month"
  • Display type - "Table"

and then click OK. 

That will create a monthly break-down of quote amounts for this year. If you want to show more detail: 

3) Click on  Options...

4) Click on ** Select Fields...

5) Scroll down and click to add the field to your report. You may want to start with fields like  Quote Name and Quote Salesperson.

6) Click  OK on the Select Report Fields dialog box and then click OK on the Report-Options dialog box to display the results.

7) To save the report, click on the  Save Report... button and type in a name.

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