Have Standard Verbiage Available On Quote Lines


We would like to find a way to have standard verbiage available on quotes that can be selected as a line item when they are applicable. For example, if we wanted to, on the quote, add one of the following “waivers” we could go to the Product Line titled Waivers and select the attribute titled Fill and it would add the verbiage to the quote.

o Exotic Stone with Resign – The stone chosen has had resin applied to its surface from the quarry, which is very common and leads to a more rich and even surface, however – some stones also appear darker on the surface. There is a chance the polished edges will appear lighter than the surface.
o Fill – Many exotic stones contain a filler from the quarries. These fillers can be clear, opaque or sometimes tinted. The fill may scratch easier than the stone will not match the surface shine of the stone, but does not mean that the granite is unacceptable. Please inspect your stone before you authorize fabrication. 
o Limestone – Limestone is a natural stone with the following characteristics: Scratching, Staining, Distressing & Color change over time and/or with application of enhancer

When I am working in quotes, and trying to add this, it only allows me to add a certain # of characters and will not allow me to add full sentences. Do you know a way that I can do this?


You could use text lines on your quote templates to include standard verbiage. Add all the text lines as "hidden" lines on your  quote template. Then unhide the lines you want to include when you create a new quote. 

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