Granite Color, Thickness, And Finish


I have a long list of my available colors, thicknesses (2cm or 3cm), and finishes (Leather, Polished, Honed). How do I make groups that relate to the price... especially because not every color comes in 2 thicknesses or finishes?


You can could put exactly the products that were available into the appropriate group. Here are a few screenshots of what this would look like:

First, I created a product with lots of granite colors, 2 thicknesses, and 2 finishes (Leather, Polished) 

On the “Edit Prices” page, you’d see every possible combination of the color, thickness, and finish: 

Since it would be impractical to manage a price list this big, you could create price groups, and add colors to them. I can do that on the “Edit Price Groups” page.

Creating the groups lets you specify the price for the group rather than individual colors, which could save you lots of time in the long run.

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