Setting Up Quotes

This article provides an overview of the steps to start using Quotes. 

  1. Create Quote Printable Form
    Enter text for the header & footer and add the custom fields that get displayed when printing the quote.
  2. Set Up Sell Products (See [C] & [D] in Figure 1)
    These are the products that display on quotes.
    1. Enter the products you sell.
    2. Assign sell products to a price list. Each quote is associated with a price list. When a product is selected for a quote, the price from the associated price list will be added to the quote.
  3. Create Price Groups and Enter Prices (See [D] & [F] in Figure 1)
    Price groups are groups of product variants you sell for the same price.
  4. (Optional) Set Up Customer Accounts (See [A] & [B] in Figure 1)
    Enter contact information and select a price list for the builders, dealers, and contractors for whom you currently do jobs. You will add your retail customers as needed.
  5. Create a Quote

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