Create A Quote Printable Form

Quote printable forms are where you customize the header, footer, and quote information fields that will print on your quotes. You may also create forms without quote lines such as contracts or forms that print the quote lines but not the prices such as a pick list. To view your form, click Printable View... button on the Quote Detail page and select the desired quote form or quote packet


  1. Start with a blank form or copy an existing form
  2. Add fields
  3. Fine tune the format
  4. Print the form

Detail Instructions:

  1. Go to Quote::Edit Settings and click the New Printable Form... button
     OR copy an existing  Quote Form Template, by clicking the form template name and selecting Duplicate Form Template..."
  2. Add fields to the form
    • Click on and select Add Form Field...
    • Select a Data Type
      • Quote Info - Print quote, account and job fields from your database. After selecting this data type you will be presented with a drop-down list of fields to choose from.
      • Static Text - type in any text you want to appear on the form
      • Separator - section headers to make the form more readable
      • Static Image - attach a file with the image you want to display. (File must have an extension of .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)
  3. Modify the Format
    • Add a logo to the header by clicking near the top of the form and selecting Edit Header... Click on  to the right of Logo and select <New Logo File>. Navigate to the logo file and click OK (The logo file must have an extension of .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)
    • Move a field by clicking on it and dragging it to a new location. Display multiple fields on a single row by clicking on a field and dragging it to the left or right of another field until you see 
    • Click the Edit Form Info... button to change the form width and set default values for borders, label position, font, text color and background color
    • Double-click on a field to change the style settings or 'hide field when blank'. To make style changes to multiple fields, click  and select Edit Form Fields...
    • Select which Address lines are included by editing the field and clicking the Configure... button
    • Delete a field by clicking on it and selecting Delete. To delete multiple fields, click 
       and select Delete Form Fields...
    • Click Edit Form Info... button and deselect Display Price if you don't want prices to print on the form
    • Click in the white section in the middle of the form to hide or display the quote lines or to control the printing of the header and footer when a page break is added to an individual quote
    • Click near the bottom of the form to add fields for the footer. The default is to print the footer at the bottom of the page. To print the footer immediately following the last line of the quote, click Edit Form Info... button and deselect Bottom Align Footer.
    • Double-click on the footer and select Alignment Center to center the text
    • Print current date and time by inserting a Static Text field and clicking  to select the date and time formats.
  4. Print the form
    1. Go to Quote > View Quotes and double-click on the quote name
    2. Click the Printable View... button and select the quote form and file type. (HTML is fastest and has the best formatting.)To print quote forms and attached files at the same time, create a Quote Packet.
    3. Print the form from your web browser. (File > Print) If necessary, change your web browser print settings to prevent the URL or other text from printing at the top or bottom of the page and to adjust the margins.

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