Print Quote Packets As PDFs In Old Versions Of JobTracker


I'd like to make PDF files of my quotes and my standard contract so I can mail it to a customer. How can I do that?


This answer only applies to legacy JobTracker users who're on their own servers and running v3.5 or older. If you're on our servers or have installed v4.0 or newer, PDF printing is built into JobTracker

I'd recommend using a PDF printer that will create files on your computer, instead of actually going to your printer.

  1. Install a PDF printer. There are several free options - for example or
  2. Now, when you go to the Printable View of the quote, choose html. Then OK.
  3. Finally, print from your browser (under File->Print). Instead of choosing a real printer, choose the PDF printer. This will create the PDF file on your computer.

If you want to email the PDF to a customer - within Adobe Reader, click  File > Attach to E-mail, and it will open a new e-mail with the quote attached as a PDF.

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