Question Regarding Quote Total Amount Report


When a list of quotes with their total amount is created is it possible to add the product quoted as well? I know how to add it but it changes the total amount to the total for only that product line.

Basically, we would like to have the total quote amount shown with the product name on the same line.

We have a quote report with each quote and it's total $ amount (stone, labour, mileage, etc). We would like to add the product variant but when we do it changes the quote total $ amount to only the $ amount of the stone.


This solution assumes each quote only contains one of the products you want to report on. To get the total quote amount for a product, create separate reports for each product using a filter.

On your report:

  1. Click on the Options button
  2. Click on the Add Filter button
  3. Select filter type - Quote Field
  4. Select Product from the drop-down list, then click in front of the product for this report.

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