Allow Discount Option


When I set up the Sell Product Price Lists, I originally chose not to click on the "Allow Discount" if I would like to go back and change that option, how do I go about doing that?


The Allow Discount option can be selected for each price list and product combination. This gives you the flexibility to allow a discount on some products but not others and to only allow a discount for a product on a specific price list.

To change the Allow Discount Option:

  1. Go to Quote > Edit Prices
  2. The last column on the page indicates the Discount status for each product. You can click on the column header to sort by this column or you can use the Options button to find a specific product and/or price list
  3. In the product column, double-click on the product name and then select the checkbox to Edit Price on Quotes. (If you have multiple product variants they will all reflect the change you make to this selection on the product.)

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