Using Quote Packets

Use quote packets to print out quote forms and files all at once. For example you can print a copy of your quote, contract and CAD file.

  1. Go to Quote::Edit Settings
  2. Click the New Quote Packet... button
  3. Type in a name and click OK
  4. Click and select one of the following:

    • Quote Form - select a Quote Form from the Quote Settings page.
    • Attached Image File - quote files with an extension of .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png
    • Attached CAD file - quote files with an extension of .dxf or .dwg
    • Page Break - add page breaks as desired
  5. To print, go to the quote detail page, click the Printable View... button and select the Quote Packet.
    Then, print from your web browser. (File > Print)  If necessary, change your web browser print settings to prevent the URL or other text from printing at the top or bottom of the page and to adjust the margins.

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