Adding Sell Products And Entering Prices

This article describes how to set up the products you sell. Once you use a product on a quote you cannot make changes to a product that would affect a quote such as changing the unit of measure or remove attributes.

  1. Determine how you want to set up your products
    Complete the Implementation Guide for Quotes (see Related Articles)
  2. Add the product
    1. Go to Quote > Edit Sell Products
    2. Click on New Product and enter the product name, product line, unit of measure and attributes (example: Name = Corian Sink, Product Line = Corian, Unit of Measure = Each)
      • If the product has attributes that have already been set up, select the attribute name from the drop down list. For multiple attributes, select the name of the next attribute in the Attribute 2 field etc.
      • To set up a new attribute complete steps 1 and 2 below:
        1. In the Attribute 1 field, select <New Attribute> and type in a name (example: Corian Sink Model).
        2. In the List of Values field, type in the values (example: #802) (TIP: You can copy and paste a list from a spreadsheet or other electronic document.)
      • If the product doesn't have attributes just click OK
  3. Add the product to a price list

    1. Double-click on (None) in the Price List column to Add product to Price List.
    2. Choose the price list, or click on Select... to choose more than one.
      • Copy Prices From can be used to copy prices entered for this product on another price list to the price list(s) selected. If you copy prices the remaining settings will also be copied from that price list.
      • If you aren't copying prices, select the appropriate boxes to indicate if the price of this product can be changed on a quote, and if tax and/or discounts should apply.
      • Click OK and you will be taken to the Edit Prices page.
  4. Enter prices or Create price groups
    1. To enter a price for each product variant, click on (No Price) in the Price column and enter the price.
    2. To create price groups, click in the empty cell in the Price Group column and select one of the following options:
      • Edit Price Groups for 'price list >> product' - use to define your own price groups
      • Generate Price Groups... - use to automatically generate price groups based on product attributes
      • Copy Prices from another Price List.. - use to copy price groups from another price list

(Edit Price Groups - Optional)

  1. Click in the Price Group column and select Edit Price Groups for 'price list >> product'.

  2. Select the Product Variants you want to include in the same Price Group and click 

  3. Select a Price Group or type in a name for a new one (example: Promo), select "Move selected rows" and click OK.

  4. The selected Product Variants are moved to the new Price Group. (TIP: Sort a column by clicking on the column header.)
  5. Click on Edit Prices
  6. Click on (No Price) in the Price column and enter the price.

(Generate Price Groups - Optional)

  1. Click in the Price Group column and select "Generate Price Groups...".

  2. Select one or more price list, and select the attribute(s) you want to base the price groups on. (example: Corian Sink Model). JobTracker will generate a price group for each attribute value (or each combination of attribute values if more than one attribute is selected).

  3. Click on (No Price) in the Price column and enter the price.

(Copy Price Groups - Optional)

  1. Click in the Price Group column and select "Copy Prices from another Price List...

  2. Choose the price list to update, or click on Select to choose more than one
  3. Select the price list to copy from and whether you want to copy prices

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