Maintain Sell Products

This article describes how to add a new color, sink model, edge type, etc. to an existing product.

  1. Add the new value to the product attribute
    1. Go to Quote::Edit Sell Products

      TIP: Click on the Options... button to find a product on the Edit Sell Products page.

    2. Click on the attribute name and select New 'attribute name'...
    3. Type in the new value(s) and click OK
  2. Enter a price or add the new value to a price group
    • In the Price List column click on Edit All Prices for 'product name'
    • Click on (No Price) in the Price column to enter a price for each product variant
    • If you are using price groups double-click on a product variant name and put it in a price group (optional)
    • Copy prices and price groups to other price lists (optional)
      1. Click in the Price Group column and select "Copy Prices from another Price List...
      2. Choose the price list to update, or click the Select... button to choose more than one
      3. Select the price list to copy from and whether you want to copy prices

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