Adding Parent Fields To Attributes: Grouping Colors

Parent fields are used to group together attribute values that have the same price or cost. By using a parent field, you can define the groups once and then select the parent field when generating price or cost groups. This is helpful when the same attribute and groupings will be used by multiple products.

Although Parent Fields can help in some cases, It's typically better to use Price Groups (see Related Articles) for grouping colors.

For example, for the "Color" attribute,

  1. Add a parent field named "Color Series" with the values "Series A" and "Series B"
  2. Identify which colors belong to Series A and which colors belong to Series B
  3. Create price groups named Series A & Series B by selecting the parent field when generating price groups

The steps below refer to Sell Products but the process would be similar for Purchase Products.

  1. Go to Quote::Edit Sell Products and find the Product Attributes section. (You may need to scroll down past your list of products to find it.)
  2. Click on the name of the attribute (example: Color) and select Edit list of values
  3. Click on the New Parent Field.... button
  4. Type in a name (example: Color Series) and enter values for the parent field (example: Series A & Series B)
  5. Select the colors you want to group together (example: Brecon Brown and Bristol Blue) and click the Move Selected to Parent...button
  6. Select the Parent Field (example: Color Series) and Value (example: Series A) and then click OK

    The value now appears in the parent column for the selected colors. (example: Brecon Brown and Bristol Blue have the value Series A in the  Color Series column)
  7. Generate price groups using the parent field
    1. Go to Quote >Edit Prices, click in the Price Group column and choose Generate Price Groups...
    2. Select the parent field you created in the previous step. JobTracker will generate a price group for each parent field value.
    3. Click in the cell in the Price column and enter a dollar amount on the Edit Price dialog.

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