Add Attribute To An Existing Product

New attributes can be added to a product at any time. However, you cannot remove an attribute from a product if it is being used on a quote.


  1. On the Edit Sell Products page, click on the Product and select "Add New Attribute...".
  2. Select the attribute and enter a default value to be applied to any products already in use
  3. Update price groups or cost groups

Step by Step

In this example, I have been selling only 2cm granite but now I am adding 3 cm granite. So in addtion to the color attribute on my granite product I want to add a thickness attribute.

  1. Go to Quote::Edit Sell Products
  2. Click on the Product and select "Add New Attribute..."

    TIP: If you don't see the product you want, click the Options... button and select the product from the drop down list.

  3. Select the Attribute Name and the Default Value.
  4. Go to Quote::Edit Prices to update prices

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