Add a New Unit of Measure

JobTracker comes with units of measure for "each", "lin. ft.", "lin. inch" and "sq. ft." You can rename, delete or add new units of measure.

To add new units of measure:

  1. Go to Admin::System Settings
  2. Click on the New Unit of Measure... button
  3. Type in a name and select the number of input measurements required. (Example: sq. ft. has 2 measurements - length and width)
  4. For a "# of input measures" other than 0, you will be asked for the Input Measurement Label and Conversion Factor. (Example: the input measurement label for sq. ft. is " (the symbol for inches) and the conversion factor is 1 sq. ft. = 144 1" x 1")

To rename or delete a Unit of Measure, click on the unit name and select Edit or Delete.

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