Additional Pricing Components

Additional Components can be used to add an additional amount to a price. For example you may charge for Tearout by the sq. ft. but also charge a $100 disposal fee.

  1. Set up your product as usual - Adding Sell Products and Entering Prices
  2. On the Edit Prices page, in the Product column, double-click on the name of the Product
  3. On the Edit Product dialog, click in the checkbox for Additional Component, enter a description in the Name field and select the Unit. (If you select the Optional check-box, you'll have the option to exclude the additional component on the quote.) and click OK
  4. In the Price column, double-click on the Price and enter the amount in the additional component area

Now try it out on a quote so to see how it looks. The name and amount of the additional component is listed separately from the product. If you don’t want it to show, you’ll have to add a subtotal and hide the line totals.

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