Example Report - Products On Quotes

Example report - products on quotes

Go to Report > New
  1. Select the values for the following fields and then click OK
    • Report Type "Quote"
    • Report the - "Number of Quotes"
    • where - "Quote Date"
    • occurs this "Year"
    • Display Field - "Month"
    • Display type - "Table"
  2. Click on Options...
  3. Click on Select Fields...
    1. Click on Quote Name to add the field to your report
    2. Click on Quote Line Item to view the fields underneath it and then click on Quote Products and then click on Product and Product Variant to add these fields to your report
    3. Click OK on the Select Report Fields dialog box
  4. Click OK on the Report-Options dialog box to display the results
  5. To save the report, click on  and type in a name
  6. (Optional) If the report has more products that you want to see, add a filter:
    1. Click on Options...
    2. Click on Add Filter...
    3. Select Filter Type "Quote Field"
    4. Under "Quote Fields" select "Product" from the drop down list and then select the desired product(s)
    5. Click OK on the Filter Report Data dialog
    6. Click OK on the Report-Options dialog box to display the results

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