Example Report - Close Ratio On Quotes

To create a report showing the ratio between quotes created and those that turned into jobs, follow the example below.

Example: Close Ratio Report

First, create a report of all quotes, based on creation date.

  1. Go to Report::New
  2. Select the values for the following fields and then click OK
    • Report Type "Quote"
    • Report the - "Number of Quotes"
    • where - "Created Date"
    • occurs this "Year"
    • Display Field - "Month"
    • Display type - "Table"
  3. Save this report for later by clicking Save Report...

Next, create a second report for only quotes with jobs.

  1. Click on Options...
  2. Click on Add Filter...
  3. In the drop-down list for Quote Field, choose Quote has job
  4. Click OK on the Filter Report Data dialog box
  5. Click OK on the Report-Options dialog box to display the results
  6. To save the report, click on Save Report and type in a name

Finally, import both of these reports into Microsoft Excel and calculate the ratios in Excel.

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