Example Report - Quote Email Address

Sometimes you may want to send marketing email to customers you've created quotes for. To create a report showing email addresses on your quotes, and then import them to Excel, follow the steps below.

Example: Quote Email Address 

  1. Go to Report > New
  2. Select the values for the following fields and then click OK
    • Report Type "Quote"
    • Report the - "Number of Quotes"
    • where - "Quote Date"
    • occurs this "Year"
    • Display Field - "Month"
    • Display type - "Table"
  3. Click on Options...
    1. Click on Select Fields...
    2. Click on Quote Name to add the field to your report
    3. Click on Quote Address to expand the list and then select Email
    1. Click OK on the Select Report Fields dialog box
  4. Click OK on the Report-Options dialog box to display the results
  5. To save the report, click on Save Report... and type in a name

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