Adding Product Attributes

For most new users, CounterGo is a better option for creating quotes. If you're currently using CounterGo, check out: Moraware CounterGo Help

Product attributes describe an aspect of a product. For example, Cutout Type, Sink Model or Edge Profile. You can set up attributes first or add them on the fly when creating a product.

  1. Select Quote > Edit Sell Products
  2. Find the Product Attributes section. It is located beneath the Product Hierarchy section so you may need to scroll down the page before you see it.
  3. Click on the New Product Attribute... button, enter a name and type in the values you want to appear as selections.

TIP: You can copy and paste a list from a spreadsheet or other electronic document.

Adding New Attribute to Product already used on Quotes

If you add a new Attribute to a Sell Product that is already used on Quotes, you will be asked to select one value to be used on all of those past Quotes. In this example, the Attribute "Sink Mounting Size" was added.

The name of the Product on those existing Quotes will change, but the price will not. In this example, the Quote Line used to read "Sink Mounting."

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