Creating Price Lists

Consider CounterGo instead of Enterprise Edition: For most new users, CounterGo is a better option for creating quotes. If you're currently using CounterGo, check out Moraware CounterGo Help.

Price lists are a set of products you sell and their associated price. When you create a quote, the price list will determine which products and prices are displayed. Some examples of common price lists are Retail, Builder, and Wholesale.

You can save time by completing one price list before creating another. After you have all the products and pricing set up for one price list, you can copy it to another price list. That way you won't have to add products to the new price list. You'll just need to update the prices.

  1. Go to Quote > Edit Prices
  2. Click on Edit Price Lists
  3. Click on New Price List...
  4. Type in a name and if desired, select the price list you want to copy.

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