Inactivate Product Attribute Values

Consider CounterGo instead of Enterprise Edition: For most new users, CounterGo is a better option for creating quotes. 

If your Quotes contain discontinued colors, sinks, edges, etc. , you can make them inactive. This will make that value inactive on all price lists for sell products and the value won't be available on any new quotes.

  1. Go to Quote::Edit Sell Products
  2. Scroll down to the Product Attribute section
  3. Click on the product attribute name and select Edit list of values
  4. Click on the value and select Edit 'value'
  5. Click in the inactive checkbox and then click OKHere is the result

  6. (optional) To hide inactive product variants on the Edit Prices or Edit Costs page, go to Quote::Edit Prices and click the Options... button near the top of the page and deselect "Display Inactive".


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