JobTracker EE Quotes To QuickBooks

It is possible to export JobTracker Enterprise Edition Quotes to QuickBooks Desktop for PC in a way that is fully supported by Windows. This means you'll be able to update all your machines to the latest version of Windows. This change was made because the technology behind the old solution, an ActiveX control, is no longer supported by Microsoft. Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft as well, upgrade to the most recent version of Windows if you were using Windows 7.

Go to QuickBooks Integration Overview in the CounterGo Knowledge Base if you're looking for information about CounterGo's integration with QuickBooks.

When an EE quote is frozen, you'll see a new Export to QuickBooks button:

NOTE: This export process only works in Internet Explorer or Edge in Windows. If you attempt to run on another browser, you'll see an error with a link to help.

The JobTracker EE QB Exporter will only work in the latest Edge builds by enabling ClickOnce applications in the Edge settings. For instructions on how to enable ClickOnce on the latest Edge builds see the "Current support for ClickOnce..." section at

When you click the Export to QuickBooks button the first time, it will install a small Windows application. Your browser and windows will ask you various questions to make sure this is what you want to do. Answer in the affirmative to every question. 

The first time you run this application, you must be logged into QuickBooks as an Administrator so that you can give the app rights to your QuickBooks file. After the first time, you can log out of QuickBooks and log back in as your typical QuickBooks user.

For example, Edge might  popup  this message - if so, choose Open:

Windows will make sure you want to install the app - click Install:

Windows Defender might popup a warning like this - click More info and then click Run Anyway:

If QuickBooks isn't open, you will see an error (so make sure you have it open when you run this export):

QuickBooks will also ask you for permission - make sure you give the exporter access:

You can also set or revoke QuickBooks permissions by going to Edit > Preferences in QuickBooks, choosing Integrated Applications and Company Preferences, then clicking Properties while Export Quote To QuickBooks is selected.

Once the app is installed and you've given QuickBooks permission, it will pop up a window like this (however, if you don't have Estimates enabled in QuickBooks, it will not show the Export As option):

If you want the export to assign a specific Transaction Number in QuickBooks, you can enter it here - otherwise, just click Next. 

If the account on the quote doesn't already map to a customer in QuickBooks, you match it here. You can select an existing customer or choose the top item which will create a new customer in QuickBooks with exactly the same name as the account in JobTracker. 

Check Save the Mapping to remember the mapping next time you export a quote for that account/customer, and then click Next.

If you want to match your salespeople in JobTracker to your salespeople in QuickBooks, you can do so here (they have to exist in QuickBooks already). If you don't care, just choose <None> for your QuickBooks salesrep and click Next.

For each product on the quote, select a QuickBooks Item to map to. If you check Save Mapping, then that mapping will be remembered the next time you quote that product. Once you have a QuickBooks Item selected for each line, click Next.

Click Export.

If everything goes well, you'll see a confirmation with the reference number used in QuickBooks.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact!

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