Sell Product FAQs

  • I added a color, why doesn't it have a price?
    Did you update price groups? See step 2 of  Maintaining Sell Products
  • I added a product, why doesn't it show up as a selection on my quote?
    Did you add the product to the price list? See step 3 of  Adding Sell Products and Entering Prices
  • How do I group together attribute values that have the same price?
    Use parent fields or edit your price group and move the values to the desired group. See step 4 in Adding Sell Products and Entering Prices
  • How do I give price discounts on certain products?
    On the  Quote > Edit Prices page, double-click on the product and put a check-mark in the Allow Discount check-box. When you apply a discount to a Quote, only the products with "Allow Discount" selected will receive the discount.
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