Definition of Terms For Sell Products

Sell Products are the products and services that appear on your quotes. 

This article provides a definition of the terms used for Sell Products.


Unit of Measure - Describes the measure used when pricing the product such as square feet, linear feet, linear inch or each.

Product Family/Product Line - These are categories used for filtering and sorting your products. Each product family can have multiple product lines under it. For example, the Solid Surface product family could have Corian, Hi-Macs and Avonite product lines. You can move products to a different product family or product line so don't be too concerned with these in the beginning. The product family and product line do not print on the quote.

Product - General product name such as Silestone, Sink, or Edge. The product name prints on the quote along with any product attribute values.

Product Attribute - General category name that describes an aspect of the product. For example, Silestone Color, Sink Model or Edge Profile.

List of Values - Specific values for a product attribute. For example, the List of Values for an Edge Profile product attribute might contain Ogee, Bullnose and Round Over.

Product Variant - A combination of the values of a product's attributes. For example, a product named "Corian Sink" with product attributes for "Sink Model" that contains #802 and #810 and "Sink Color" that contains Glacier White, Bisque and Bone, JobTracker would generate a product variant for each combination of sink model and color. (e.g. Corian Sink #810 Glacier White, Corian Sink #810 Bisque etc.)

Price Groups - One or more product variants that have the same price. This simplifies the maintenance of prices since you enter a price for the group instead of entering a price for each product variant. In the example above, if the price of all the #810 sink models were the same regardless of color, all of the product variants for #810 sink model could be put in the same price group.

Price List - Contains the products you sell and the associated prices. You may create multiple price lists. When you create a customer account you assign it one or more price lists. When you create a quote for that customer, the price list will determine which products and prices are displayed. Some examples of common price lists are: Retail, Builder, and Wholesale.

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