Inactivate Sell Products Used In Quotes


When I go to delete a sell product it says I cannot, because it is used in 3 quotes etc. Is there a way to find out what quotes that certain product is used in so I can delete them?


There are two ways you can deal with this. Either  Inactivating or Deleting. We'd recommend making old products Inactive since it's much faster and doesn't destroy any old data.

Here's how to Inactivate:

  1. Go to Quote > Edit Sell Products.
  2. Click on the name of the product you want to inactivate
  3. Choose Edit Product ‘…'
  4. Check the box for Inactive
  5. This will mean that the product doesn’t show up for any new quotes.

If you really want to delete a product, create a report to find products on quotes – here’s how: Example report products on quotes

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