Adding Products To A Price Group


I've added a new product (Hanstone) that's got about 30 colors that fall into a few groups. How do I put the right colors into the right price groups?


You can create Price Groups and add colors to those groups from the Edit Prices page:

  1. Go to the Quote menu, and choose Edit Prices
  2. Use the Options... button to only look at the product and price list you're working on
  3. In the Product Variant column, click on the name of color
  4. Choose Edit...
  5. In the drop-down list for Price Groups, choose New Price Group.
  6. Give the price group a name and a price, click OK.

Repeat this process for each product variant, either adding products to existing price groups, or adding new ones as you need them.

If you mess up, just click on the name of a price group and choose to Delete it.

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