Could Not Start QuickBooks Error


I'm trying to export a quote to my new computer that's running Windows Vista (or Windows 7 or Windows 8), but I get the error message " Could not start QuickBooks".


Windows (Vista in particular) has some security settings that can make connecting to QuickBooks tricky.

  1. The Windows Vista user must have User Account Control (UAC) set to On. Check this by going to Start->Control Panel->User Accounts and selecting Turn User Account Control on or off. Make sure Use User Account Control box is checked.
  2. QuickBooks should be run with standard user permissions. To check that it's set correctly right-click the program icon and select Properties. Then click on the Shortcut tab followed by the Advanced button. Make sure Run as administrator is not selected.
  3. You must not be logged on to the computer as the master domain administrator account.

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