Example Report - Sales By Salesperson

To create a report showing monthly sales by salesperson follow the steps below.

Example: Monthly Sales by Salesperson Report

  1. Go to Report > New
  2. Select the values for the following fields and then click OK
    • Report Type "Quote"
    • Report the - "Total Quote Line Pre-tax Amount"
    • where - "Quote Date"
    • occurs this "Year"
    • Display Field - "Month"
    • Display type - "Table"
  3. Click on Options...
    1. Click on Select... to the right of Measure
    2. In the by Time Field, select Job Creation Date from the drop-down list
    3. Click OK
  4. Click on Select Fields...
    1. Click on Quote Salesperson to add the field to your report
    2. Click OK on the Select Report Fields dialog box
  5. Click OK on the Report-Options dialog box to display the results
  6. To save the report, click on Save Report... and type in a name

Whenever you create a new report it is a good idea to verify your results. A quick way to do that, is to temporarily add Job Name to your report to verify all the jobs you expected to be included are included.

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