Deleting Sell Products

Consider CounterGo instead of Enterprise Edition For most new users, CounterGo is a better option for creating quotes. 

Once a product has been used on a quote you can not delete the product completely unless you remove the product from the quote. However, you can inactivate a product or remove the product from a price list so it is not available for selection on a future quote. See Related Articles below for steps to Inactivate a Sell Product.

  1. Go to Quote > Edit Sell Products
  2. In the Price List column, click on the name of the price list and select Delete 'product' from 'price list' (Note: If price groups or prices have been entered, you will receive a warning that they will be deleted.)
  3. In the Product column, click on the name of the product and select "Delete".

    NOTE: If you receive a message that the product can not be deleted because it is used on a quote you have two choices:

    • Make the product inactive. In the Product column, click on the name of the product and select Edit Product 'product name' and select the "Inactive" checkbox. If desired, you can rename the product or move it to a different product family so that it sorts to the bottom of the Edit Sell Products page. You can also hide inactive products by clicking near the top of the page and deselecting "Display Inactive".
    • Remove the product from the quote or delete the entire quote. If you don't know which quote(s) contain the product, you can create a report to identify them.

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