Measurement Lines

If you are quoting a kitchen with multiple sets of dimensions. For example, a top that's 70"x25.5", another that's 40"x 25.5", and an island that's 80"x40" you can avoid adding a new quote line for each top by using a measurement line.

Once you have a measurement line on a quote, you can use those measurements on one or more products. Here's how.

First, add the measurement.

  1. On the quote, click Add->Measurement...
  2. For the description, add something descriptive - a typical example would be Countertop Dimensions
  3. In the first Measurement enter the dimensions of the first top. You can add an optional description.
  4. If you have multiple measurements, add another one by clicking Add Measurement...
  5. When you're done, click OK

Now, add a product and link it to the measurements.

  1. Click Add->Product... Make sure the product has the same measurements as the measurement line you added (for example Sq. Ft.)
  2. In the Measurement section, the drop-down list should say other. Choose your measurements
  3. Click OK

Now the measurements are tied to the product. This works great if you're creating a quote template - more info on that, see related article below.

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